About ORDRS Storefront Platform

ORDRS Storefront Platform was created to help small businesses to create their own business community by owning their customer information. They provide full control of their online offering through the ORDRS Storefront Platform Admin Backend Manager. All while having the lowest fees on the market. ORDRS Storefront Platform enables small local businesses to compete with the big national chains on the same plain field.

The ORDRS Storefront Platform was created by AvPeace, Inc. after realizing that the big company's advantage over the small businesses is primarily in automation software that enables businesses to maintain relationships with their customers and communicate with them free of charge to up-sell by offering specials and promotions. In other words create a community of loyal happy customers.

AvPeace is a big believer in Local Business Community, and decided to give the same power of the big national chain companies to the small companies, mom and pop shops, any business that aims to grow online revenue streams. We created the ORDRS Storefront Platform to help businesses for the most part in the food industry with time-sensitive ordering, and automated dispatch module. ORDRS Storefront Platform can be used by any business regardless of size, and from any industry (not just food) to sell products or services online.

The ORDRS Storefront Platform goal was that every small business can create their own business community with full access to their customers including customer emails and contact information. Allowing businesses to send their community a newsletter with specials offers, coupons, articles, and keep a relationship with their customers was a game changer.

ORDRS Storefront Platform was designed with the customer in mind as well and has special features for customers like the "re-order" feature which enables the customer to view all past orders on a client account, and re-order any past order with a couple of clicks.

We keep improving our app and we welcome any suggestions from our clients and from you, our and their customer.

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