Your Customer Account

Your Customer Account

ORDRS Storefront Platform was created to help small businesses to create their own business community. ORDRS enables small local businesses to compete with the big national chains on the same plain field. ORDRS's goal was that every small business can create their own business community with full access to their customers including customer emails and contact information. Allowing businesses to send their community a newsletter with specials offers, coupons, articles, and keep a relationship with their customers was a game changer.

ORDRS was designed with the customer in mind as well and has special features for customers like the "re-order" feature which enables the customer to view all past orders on a client account, and re-order any past order with a couple of clicks.

Once you go to any client's menus you can sign in with Sign In button to login into the system.

Once you logged in you will see your name on the button and you stay logged in and you will be remembered throughout the marketplace businesses.

Clicking the button will open a dropdown list with customer options You can modify your name and email address, change your password, you can change/save a default Billing address, default Delivery address, and the crown joule is the Re-Order functionality (when at a client account).

Since most devices today remember your credit card information, for security reasons, we do not save your credit card information on our servers. You credit card is already saved on your phone or browser and the system will retrieve this information at checkout. When you make a payment for your order, again we do not save the credit card information on our servers, but we encrypt/scramble the data (to prevent hacking) and transmit the encrypted data directly into the merchant services provider (that's spend huge amounts to keep your credit card data secure).

Once you are at a client/business menu, if you are logged in, you will see all the past orders ordered from that client, and the ability to Re-Order any past order with a click of a button.

The system will check and notify you if any items are not available anymore, and will upload all the available products into the shopping cart for a quick checkout.

At this point you can still modify/change the order (so you are not restricted to the past order exactly).

Now you can do a quick checkout to complete the new order. This is great feature for every day ordering, but especially effective with large orders or holiday orders.

We keep improving our app and we welcome any suggestions from our clients and from you, our and their customer.

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