ORDRS Features

ORDRS Features

The ORDRS Storefront Platform was created to help small businesses thrive. Our clients enjoy the lowest fees in the industry and have full control of their online offerings and their customer list. The ORDRS enables small businesses to compete with larger chains on the same playing field.

Lowest fees available

ORDRS Our competitors
Commission 10% 8% COVID-19 price Commission 20% to 40%

ORDRS features

Own your customer information With ORDRS you have access to your customer list, including email address, so you can communicate with them directly. Our competitors will not share this information with your business as they see the customers part of their own App community.
You control your menu Our clients can control each product and size, and publish or hide it from your menus depending on availability.
Improve order accuracy Service your customers efficiently by fulfilling orders more accurately and as documented. Avoid errors on orders made over the telephone... "I said Turkey, not Tuna!"
Customizable system We are able to customize the system for your specific needs for a small fee. With our competitors' offerings, you cannot change your menu based on product availability.
Simple setup ORDRS embeds directly on your business's website with no technical expertise required on your part. We create an account and upload your products to start selling on your website immediately. It is that simple. You don't even need a computer on site to receive orders - receive them via email on your smartphone or tablet.
Take orders 24/7 ORDRS offers two options for your customers to place orders:
  • "Easy Commerce" allows your customers to use an online shopping cart to order products and pay upon pickup or delivery.
  • Full eCommerce allows your customers to order and pay online.
Own your customer information ORDRS allows you to maintain and download all of your customer information at any time, helping you to continue to build relationships with them. Know what your customers ordered last week, last holiday, last summer. Remind them of past orders, notify them of specials they might be interested in, and stay in touch.
Generate customized order and product reports Select date ranges (week, month, year, specific holiday) to produce reports of your past online sales and orders. Use the information for preparation and forecasting.
Accommodate both wholesale and retail customers We provide modules for different types of customers. Wholesale customers are provided with a login name and password to see prices specific for them, different from your retail customers.

The ORDRS Promise

Your business is our passion

Our mission is to help you provide superior service to your customers and grow your business.

Technology is our focus

Our team has experience working with online ordering for the food and grocery industry for more than 20 years. We focus on staying current with the latest technology to ensure that you have the best online functionality. We want you to provide superior service to your customers and grow your business.

Exceptional support

Our team is committed to providing you with training, ongoing support, and expert advice. From our first meeting, through implementation and beyond, we will work to find the best solutions to meet your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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