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The ORDRS Storefront Platform Difference

Our passion is supporting the small businesses that keep our communities vibrant. We created the ORDRS Storefront Platform to give our clients a robust set of ordering and marketing tools that makes it easier for them to compete with big national chains. We also make it affordable, by having the lowest fees in the industry.

Your own business Community

Create your own business community with ORDRS.com vs. our competitors that create their own app community.

Keep your customers

The big name ordering systems create their own app community using your customers, keeping their information and marketing to them. With ORDRS.com, your customers are your own and we give you the tools to share info and offers with them.

Easy edits

You have full control of your ORDRS pages. Add, edit, delete, or hide products from the menu based on availability.

Order and product reports at your fingertips

Select a date ranges (week, month, year, specific holiday) to produce reports of your past online sales and orders. Use the information for preparation and forecasting.

Lowest fees available

Our fees are the lowest in the industry. While many shops pay a 20% commission to their online ordering service, our clients normally pay only 10%. But now, to help you cope with the impact of COVID-19 on your business, our normally low fees are discounted even further to 8% commission that includes all processing fees!

Customization is easy

The ORDRS Storefront Platform can be easily customized for your needs. Our competitors will not customize the system to fit your business, or let you change your menu or have specials based on your product availability.

How ORDRS Storefront Platform Compares

ORDRS Benefits
Customers can place orders 24/7 to be fulfilled when you're open. Customers can only place orders only when your store is open.
Future orders and current day orders – great for catering, holidays, big orders or small orders. Current day orders only – customers can only place same-day orders.
Transparent Fees – Usually 10%, and advertised for all to see! Surprise Fees – Most of our competitor’s fees are between 20% and 40%.
Build your own customer community and Market for free directly to your customers. Competitors will not share your customer email so you cannot market directly to your own customers.
Bring customers directly to your Storefront with your own URL. On other platforms, your customers must see your competitors and cannot go directly to your menus.
Credit Card (B2C) Transaction fees are 8% that includes the processing fees. Wholesale / House Account (B2B) Transaction fees are 4%. Transaction fees are 20% to 40%
You own your customer information. They own your customer information.
With full control of your Storefront offerings you can edit, add, or hide products and specialty menus at any time. No control over your offering as you have a fixed menu. Any changes require a special request from the support team.
Since we make a system copy for each client, customization for your needs is easy. One system used for all clients and customizations are not an option.
Customized order and product reports are included. Basic sales or no reporting.
Build your own business customer community. Build their app business customer community.
Easy, one form online registration with total transparency on all rates and fees. No online registration. A sales person will contact you and “close” the sale with the highest fee rates possible.
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